Tuesday, May 14, 2013

George's Story- Parts 1-3

George's Story


There was a man named George. George lived by himself. George not only lived by himself, but he lived in the forest by himself. You can imagine a forest with very tall trees of dark green. Inside it was dark, and the air was thick. It was a wet forest. In the winter, it would snow a little, but the snow never made it to the ground. The forest was actually very warm. In fact, George had not seen another human since he was a very, very young child. No other people ever went to this forest, because they thought that it was an evil place. This was not true, of course. George knew it was a great place! It had plenty of food, and he had never felt afraid in the forest.

If we met George, we might think he was a little crazy. George forgot how he got to the forest, and he really didn’t speak a language, either. He didn’t need to speak a language, because he didn’t have anyone to speak with. Animals didn’t speak, trees didn’t speak. Because of this, his mind worked much differently than our minds. His thoughts were different. He didn’t think about what time it was, or when he would die, or who he had to text. He didn’t know what a computer was. If he saw your shoes, he would probably think he was imagining it! He also forgot about the other humans for a long time. In George’s world, he was the only human.

Despite living by himself, George was very happy. He didn’t really think about being happy, though. He just lived his life, and did the things he needed to do. He built a beautiful cabin for himself out of trees, he slept on the softest moss, and he ate deer meat and plants he collected from the forest. He used plants for medicine, though he almost never got sick. He wore the skin of animals to keep warm. There were animals that became friends with him, too. There was a bear that came around often. She would just sit and stare at George, and George stared back. He also had some wolves that came to hang out in his yard. They weren’t like pets, and they didn’t come to cuddle… they were like family that came to stay for a few days and were gone. He never touched them, he just sat with them.


One day, George heard a shocking noise. The sound was like a tree falling, or a lightning storm. It hurt his ears. He looked up, and through the trees he could see something big flying through the air. It was much bigger than any bird in the forest, and the scary sound was coming from that flying thing. He sat down under a tree while it passed above the trees. The trees swayed as if there was a strong wind. He could feel the sound of the flying this in his heart. When it had passed, the forest was quiet again… but George was concerned. Nothing like this had ever happened in the forest. He hoped that it would never come back.

The next day, George was out hunting when he heard the noise again. This time, it was quieter. The flying thing was farther away. It was not gone. He continued hunting, but his mind was focused on listening. He was listening for the monster.

He didn’t hear the noise for several weeks after that. He had almost forgotten about it. However, he had not heard the last of that noise. George didn’t know it yet, but his life was about to change forever.

It was a sunny day when George was out, far from his house, looking for a rare plant. He had cut his hand badly, and he needed it to help heal his hand. He found the plant, picked some of it, and he was walking back to his cabin when he heard another strange noise. This one was different. He decided to see if he could get a peek of what was making it.

He snuck toward the sound quietly, hiding behind trees as he went. When he finally got to the noise, he saw a huge monster in a clearing. The monster shined brightly like a drop of water in the sun. George had never seen metal before, so he didn’t know that what he saw was a machine. He stared at it. He was terrified, but he couldn’t look away. He had never seen anything like it.

When he finally looked away, he looked at what the monster was doing. It was eating trees! It had already eaten hundreds of trees, and there was a mountain of tree skeletons next to the monster. George’s heart sank. It hurt him to see the forest be attacked like this. This was such a terrible monster.

He hid behind his tree again. George thought quickly about what he could do to save the forest. This giant monster was a problem. If the monster ate the whole forest, then George would have nowhere to live, and neither would the bears, wolves and deer. Everyone would be homeless.

George decided to walk into the field. He walked past the mountain of dead trees, and he poked a large branch into one of the strange feet of the monster. The monster froze immediately, and he heard a strange sound.

He saw something climb out of the monster. It was making terrible noises like an angry bird, and it was wearing strange clothing. George realized that this thing looked a little like him. It had pink skin, and no hair on its body. George stared, his eyes wide, wondering what this thing would do when it got to the bottom.

When it finally finished climbing, it looked at George and made all sorts of loud noises with his mouth. He pointed at the stick George had put in the foot of the monster, and the mountain of trees. It was angry. The “animal” pulled the stick out of the foot, and looked at George again, like he expected George to understand something. George thought that the animal must be the monster’s guardian.

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