Tuesday, May 28, 2013

George's Story: Parts 4-6

Part 4:

George looked at the human in front of him. George was confused. So many new things were happening. There was this tree-eating monster, the flying thing, and this human. All of these things frightened George. He stood in the clearing and looked at the pile of dead trees, and he cried.

George decided the best thing to do would be to go back to his cabin and hide there. So, he ran out of the clearing, with the human making noises behind him. George got to his cabin and went inside. He ate some deer meat, drank some water, and he felt better.

However, George had not seen his last human. The human he saw in the clearing was curious about George. He called many of his friends, and the police. All of them came to find George in the forest. They organized a search party.

The next day, George was sitting with his bear friends. The bears were also feeling afraid, which is why they came to visit George. They had heard the flying thing, and they heard the tree-eating monster. They all sat together and looked at the river.

The bears heard them first. They heard dogs barking and people shouting. The bears knew they should escape. The bears looked at George, and then ran away. George was alone, and then he heard it too. Another new noise. This time, it was right next to his cabin. The noise was not a friendly noise. George didn’t think these people seemed very friendly at all. He went inside his cabin. He listened. He waited.

After a long while, he could hear noises outside his cabin. They had found his cabin. He decided to come out of his cabin, and meet these people. So, he came out, and saw three people and three other animals that they had on ropes. George stared at the people, and the people stared at him. Everyone was a little speechless.

Part 5:

The three men were making some more of those funny noises. George realized that they were communicating with each other. They were talking. Just like birds talk to each other in the trees, these humans were talking to each other. George felt sad that he didn’t know their language. George knew the language of the bears, and the language of the wolves, but he didn’t know the human language. He felt embarrassed.

The men had strange clothes; George wasn’t sure what they were made from. They didn’t look like anything from his forest. They also had strange tools, one of which made a noise that sounded like their language, and they talked into it.

After the men talked with each other, they all grabbed George by the arms and took him with them. Because George was curious, he decided to go with them and see what would happen. He didn’t expect that they would take him out of the forest, but that is what they did. They walked for a long time, longer than George had ever walked. They finally got to another huge monster, but this one seemed to be dead. George stopped, and didn’t want to go anymore. The men opened up the monster and went inside it! They pulled George into it, even though George was afraid.

One of them, sitting in the front of the monster, turned some small thing, and the monster suddenly roared to life. George was terrified! He covered his head with his hand, and he made a sound of surprise. All the men laughed. George looked at the animals in the back of the monster. They were calm and quiet. He knew that he was safe, as long as these animals were calm.

The monster began to move. However, George realized that the human in front seemed to be controlling it. Maybe it wasn’t alive at all. He wasn’t sure.

It moved faster and faster. They were on a trail. But suddenly, the trees ended and they were in a totally different world. George was totally silent as he looked out.

Part 6:

George had no idea what he was looking at. He had no words, no experiences, and no thoughts to describe the world that he saw outside. The trees disappeared after a while, and were replaced by what looked like houses. He was seeing a city.

He saw big square boxes with people moving around inside them. He saw giant pathways with monsters that looked like the one he was in moving all around. All of them had people in them. There were so many things that he had never seen before, he became very tired. He was like a baby in this new world.

They finally stopped in front of a house. They pulled George out of the car, and pointed at the house. They men brought him into the large house through the front door. George’s brain hurt as he tried to make sense of the things that he was seeing. They opened the door, and inside was yet another world. He wondered how they ever made all these things. All he knew were his stone tools and the things in his forest. He was seeing carpet, lights, furniture, metal, and electronics. He couldn’t even begin to imagine who made these things and how.

They took him to a table, and they all sat down. George sat down, too. He had never even sat on a chair before. He still felt afraid, but there was no going back now. He was sad when he wondered if he would ever go back to his forest. He had no idea how to get there, and no idea how to ask.

The men sat and stared at him, like he was an animal in the zoo. They all seemed comfortable in this place, except for George. Suddenly, George realized that the only way he could go back to his forest would be to learn this language and learn about these people and their world. Right now, there was no way he could tell them to take him back, and he didn’t think they would. He was powerless, like a prisoner in their hands.

They had stolen him from his home without thinking of him as a human who could take care of himself. They were as good as prison guards, or slave masters. They watched George for their own entertainment, and did not realize that he had a life there in the forest. In fact, as they spoke in the kitchen of that small house, they could almost hear the bears and the wolves howl in the night. They were howling because George was gone.

That night, George spoke his first word. “Food.” And he ate the strangest and most disgusting meal of his life. Someday, he would go back to his home.

The END.

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